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TAA Medical统恩医学旗下,法国明星整容专家 dra mercedes

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brief indications of svs done by Dr Mecedes


Facial Treatments

Multi Vitamin Cocktail ( Immediate Flasing Effect )

Filler with Modeling ( Using HA Fillers )

Skin Lifting ( Including Botulinum Toxin Injections )

Rhinoplasty without Surgery ( Changing the shape of the nose with non surgery immediate effect )

Peelings ( Skin renovation, going to differenet skin layers depending on the patient needs, whitening effect )

Rejuvenation ( Including Ears, Contour of the eyes, Hands Rejuvenation, Mouth Rejuvenation )

Body Treatments

Body Countouring Relift ( Using HA Fillers, and machines to achieve the best results )

Hyperhidrosys ( Using Botulinum Toxin, to regulate the glands sebum secretion )

Lipolitic Mesotherapy ( This technique helps to eliminate acumulated fat in indesirable places, helping to recover a better shape, and contour )

Ultra Cavitation ( To dissolve the excess fat in specific areas )

Hand, neck and decolttle rejunvations



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