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1 Get into a shady, cool (preferably air-conditioned) area. 首先要转移自己到阴凉的地方,最好是有空调的室内。550px-Get-Rid-of-Sunstroke-Step-1








2 Call emergency services. Even if you still feel like you are hanging in there, you may start going into shock and be unable to call for help when you really need it. Prolonged heat stroke damages the brain, heart, kidneys, and muscles, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 预先寻求医院急救,即便您觉得自己并没有到需要医疗急救的地步。因为当您逐渐进入中暑休克的状态后,就很难再有机会拨打急救电话。并且,长时间中暑会损伤大脑,心脏,肾脏和肌肉组织。所以,防范于未然是值得的!








3 Remove any extra clothing (hat, shoes, socks) to aid in the cooling process. 脱掉身上多余的衣物协助身体散热,如帽子,鞋和袜。








4 Get in a cold bath, shower, stream, or pond if possible. Otherwise, put a cool, wet rag on the back of your neck, on your groin, and/or in your armpits. If you can, mist and fan yourself to promote evaporative cooling. 有条件者,最好能立即冲,泡冷水澡。或者在脖子后侧,腹股沟,腋下放置湿冷毛巾降温。也可将身体浸湿后,开风扇帮助散热。550px-Get-Rid-of-Sunstroke-Step-4







5 Lie down and raise your feet by about a foot (30cm). This will help you avoid potential shock. 就地平躺后,抬高腿部。这可以协助静脉回流,降低休克的风险。








6 Replenish your fluids and electrolytes. If you have it, slowly sip sports drink to counteract both dehydration and the loss of salts through sweating, but don’t drink quickly or you could induce shock. If you don’t have such drink, sip plain water; trying to hunt down the right beverage in a panic will hurt more than help. 补充体液和电解质。如果可以,最好能缓慢喝下运动型饮品,同时补充水分以及出汗流失的钠离子,但切忌过快饮用,因为中暑情况下过快饮用也会引导休克,弊远大于利。如果您没有运动型饮品,也可以饮用纯净水代替。550px-Get-Rid-of-Sunstroke-Step-6







7 Calm yourself. Minimize your agitation by breathing deeply and focusing on your thoughts and breath away from what is happening to you. Read How to Calm Yourself During an Anxiety Attack for more pointers. 发生中暑,不要慌张,沉着应对。深呼吸,把注意力转移至呼吸和解决中暑的方法上。市场容易紧张和焦虑的朋友,可以参考“如果应对焦虑”的小贴士。550px-Get-Rid-of-Sunstroke-Step-7







Do Not Do Any of the Following中暑后,需要避免的:



Drink alcohol. This can interfere with body temperature. 饮酒 (更坏地影响体温)

Drink caffeine. This will tell the body to become stimulated when what it needs to do is calm down. 饮用咖啡 (咖啡会使人更兴奋,而中暑的时候,您更需要的是“保持冷静”)

Take medications for fever (ex. aspirin or acetaminophen). These can be harmful during a heatstroke. 服用退烧药 (阿司匹林,对乙酰氨基酚等退烧药会加重中暑症状)

Take salt tablets. Salt is best taken in small quantities and diluted by water. 直接食用过咸食物补充钠离子 (钠离子的补充最好是小量慢速从溶液里获得。直接服用高浓度盐类,会使身体进一步脱水)

Force liquids if vomiting 中暑呕吐时,强迫自己喝水。






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